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Posts on Grace (1 Word for 1 Year)

Summer Graces (*Titles are linked to posts)

Have you ever had a season of life where nothing went as planned or hoped? That was my summer!

I had plans to play with my boy and enjoy long daylights. Instead, I spent much of it inside in a prone position. I hoped for a lightness to encompass these days where schedules are more relaxed and accommodating. Instead, I found unending reminders of the brevity and sorrow of life.

This season meant I wrote less but lived more.

Grace or Control (you can’t have both)

It’s easy to think of control in terms of someone way out of balance and is obviously controlling in severe and unhealthy ways. But there is a subtler aspect of control.

Control is anything I do that restricts another from thriving or living out the person God created them to be.

Fingerprints of Grace: Psalm 27

Psalm 27 is filled with grace. You won’t actually find the word “grace” anywhere in it, but its fingerprints are everywhere. Grace is a gift – the gift of God Himself and all that He embodies. And that gift is given to benefit me. What a radical truth!

4 Grace Quotes for Unpredictable Times

This spring’s weather has been unpredictable here in the Midwest. Sometimes life can be a bit unpredictable too. I’m especially thankful for grace during those times.

When Grace Makes Me Furious (and what it says about my heart)

This week my 3-year-old gave me the perfect picture of a heart not yet ready to see its need of God’s grace. His heart was furious that God wouldn’t see his moral conduct as better than others. He’s not the first to struggle with this kind of heart. Neither am I.

Grace Gives Freedom to be Yourself

As I pondered grace during January, the most powerful idea that gripped my heart started out as a simple whisper of a word, Freedom. Early last week God reminded me that the book of Galatians talks about grace and freedom, so I read it. One principle stood out – grace gives freedom to be yourself.

Say No to New Year’s Resolutions and Yes to One Word for One Year

Benefits to meditating on one word for an entire year. Plus why I chose grace as my word for 2018 (or maybe why it chose me).


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