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Have you ever heard of a glass frog or umbrella bird, considered how God anticipated your first baby steps even before the stars existed, or wondered at the vastness of crab nebula, Betelgeuse, and spiral galaxies?

Would you like to introduce your children to the wonders of creation and its Creator and enjoy him together?

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Enjoying God My Creator! has 90+ multi-sensory, multi-age, play-based activities. Each one teaches children ages 3-11 to acknowledge and enjoy God as Creator. Most of the activities

  • take 15 minutes or less to teach
  • use common items
  • include adaptions (if needed) for different age groups

This flexible activity guide is for you if you need …

  • meaningful games to use in Sunday School
  • devotional ideas for family Bible time
  • Bible curriculum for your homeschool
  • ideas to supplement your current curriculum
  • activities for your community outreach
  • creative experiences for your homeschool group


FROM A DAD WITH PRESCHOOLERS – So practical, versatile, fun and relevant.  It makes you feel like you don’t have to be a amazingly talented teacher to do this.  Most of the learning is happening through doing and not talking at the kids, so that is great for any level of teaching experience.  It makes me want to try teaching it right away.

FROM A HOMESCHOOL MOM AND MINISTRY VOLUNTEER – I LOVED the creativity found in these activities, as well as the simplistic ways to teach, using basic things to bring home a point. I also LOVED how you laid things out for such a variety of settings (church, ministry, homeschool, etc) that I could easily recommend these devotionals to many of my friends at different stages and different lifestyles. It would be an awesome resource to have!

examples of various sample schedules

Flexible Scheduling

A wide variety of activities are included so you can pick and choose whatever works best for your unique situation. Sample schedules are included to help you combine multiple activities and create full-length lessons that you can use in Sunday School or other children’s ministries.

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Content Themes

Four themes are developed in this Activity Guide. (God Made Everything, God Made Me, God Knows Best, and Why Was I Created?) Each theme includes a key verse, key phrase, suggested songs, discussion starters, and numerous interactive activities. Topics within each theme are color-coded and identified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still want to know more? Check out these FAQs with answers to 16 questions you might have! Or feel free to email!