Helping Children Wonder at God, the Creator

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(updated March 2020 with new resources) This week we found tulips pushing up in our yard, had wind blow our gas grill across the deck, and went puddle jumping (more like mud slogging) with friends! Spring is on its way here, and I couldn’t be more excited! In spite of pollen, tornadoes, and poison ivy, […]

What to do When You Fear the Unknown (like I did this week)

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Innocence. Trust. Living in the moment. Exuberance. Impulsivity. Exploration. Settledness. These are characteristics exhibited by my four-year-old this week as he played outside and accompanied me on errands this week. Awareness. Fear. Reclusiveness. Being on guard. Reservation. Measuredness. Hesitation. These were my feelings and emotions in the midst of those same activities. There were perfectly […]