Is Self-Care Beneficial? It Depends

Flourish: How the Love of Christ Frees Us from Self-focus by Lydia Brownback was on my list of summer reads. Now that it’s the end of summer (HOW did that happen?), I thought I’d share some thoughts from one chapter in particular. Self-care is a hot topic right now in mainstream media and in Christian […]

The Welcome Familiarity of Treasure Rediscovered

rediscovering truth

Forgotten treasures are even more wonderful once rediscovered. Just ask my son! Rocks with unique colorings, favorite plants, special snacks, a well-worn book, pictures that evoke special memories. They all elicit sparkling eyes, a dancing smile, and gushing exclamations. I found these pictures on my phone. They’re of magnets on the refrigerator – memories that […]

Book Ideas for Summer

5 book cover images

My love of books was confirmed today when I went to my digital Hoopla account (available through our library!) and noticed I have 146 books marked to read at some future date. Ha! To be fair, some of those are marked for my son, but … still. And that’s not counting my amazon lists or […]

A Few of My Favorite Sabbath Resources


My understanding of Sabbath has grown for over a decade. It’s a topic that rouses my insatiable thirst for more. Others’ perspectives are varied and nuanced and help build my ever-enlarging framework for what Sabbath can be. Books, podcasts, articles, blog posts, lectures, personal conversations – God has used them all to lead me into […]

How to Rest

A quiet, secluded dock tucked into the shade of a small pond

I remember a time when I was busy, too busy really. There wasn’t enough time for adequate physical rest, much less soul rest. Always another need to fill, goal to reach, or way to serve. My body was weary. My soul languished. God gently compelled me to seek rest. But I had no idea how […]

Practice Biblical Meditation & Quiet the Noise in Your Mind

Biblical Meditation - Part 1

Take 1 minute and write down everything that’s filled your mind today. No, really, do it! To-do list items, random passing thoughts, decisions that have to be made, obstacles to overcome, relationships that need work, heartaches weighing you down, anything at all that you thought about. (Just make sure you set a timer or you […]