The Welcome Familiarity of Treasure Rediscovered

rediscovering truth

Forgotten treasures are even more wonderful once rediscovered. Just ask my son! Rocks with unique colorings, favorite plants, special snacks, a well-worn book, pictures that evoke special memories. They all elicit sparkling eyes, a dancing smile, and gushing exclamations.

Pictures of magnets on the refrigerator

I found these pictures on my phone. They’re of magnets on the refrigerator – memories that obviously mean a lot to this little fella!

There’s something familiar and comforting about revisiting what brought joy, hope, or solace to us in days gone by. I’ve experienced this first hand over the last month or so.

Treasure Rediscovered

In flipping through a journal from my early-20s, I found an excerpt of a meditation I heard one summer. It quickly became a welcome way to enter my day. I used it so long, I inadvertently memorized it!

As I read it through again in this very different season of life, it resonated again with my heart. See if it does the same to yours.

excerpt from a written meditation

Excerpt from My Watch, a meditation by Anna J. Lindgren found in her book With Him.*

When I first heard this during that summer long ago, I was in the midst of waiting and watching for where God would lead. Out of college, with a heart for missions, I was actively exploring open doors. I needed his guiding voice. I needed to remember that he knew the way. I needed him to be my compass, pointing me wherever he willed.

This meditation quieted my heart, fixed my attention on my Master, assured me of his goodness, and helped me surrender my days and steps to him over and over again.

Welcome Familiarity

Fifteen years later, not much has changed. I’m again in a season where rhythms are changing. No major changes (that we know of!), just the aspects of building a life – training a young child, prioritizing what’s most important, finding time to write, making space for enjoying life, cultivating relationships.

The voices vying for my attention are indeed multitudinous! There is no lack of opinion on the best way to raise a child, decide what’s important, schedule work while running a household, etc, etc. And yet, only One voice matters.

I really know nothing of the road before me. Looking ahead and trying to imagine can bring fear, doubt, and overwhelm. And yet not only does God know every inch of the way, he also is my chart to lay out the map of where to go, my compass to keep me on point, and my companion to walk with me through it.

I’ve started using this meditation as my prayer first thing in the morning again. And again, it has quieted my heart, fixed my attention on my Master, assured me of his goodness, and helped me surrender my days and steps to him over and over again.

New Connection

As I thought about this picture of charts and compasses, boats and seas, I reflected this week on the story of Jesus calming the sea. How different the story would have been if instead of waking up Jesus in a panic, the disciples had simply woken him up and said, “This storm is too powerful for us. But it’s not for you. We need your help.”

picture of waves crashing and storm clouds

God didn’t expect them to navigate the storm on their own. They didn’t have to figure everything out or take care of themselves. It was a time for them to exhibit faith in Jesus – to relinquish their control, to display dependence instead of independence, to believe that he could protect them, and then to ask him to do so.

And so, I’ve been saying this to Jesus a lot this week, “    specific topic      is too powerful for me. But it’s not for you. I need your help.”

It’s been a helpful, practical way for me to reorient my heart. It declares I don’t know what to do, but he knows every inch of the way. It affirms I don’t want just any voice of wisdom, I want his. It focuses my attention onto him so I am free to pursue him with singleness of mind, heart, and devotion.

This meditation has encouraged my heart, and I’m so grateful to have rediscovered its wisdom and once again benefit from the solace it brings.

What about you?

Is there some treasure that was meaningful in your life during a past time? I’d love to know about it! Leave a comment below or send a quick note. I’d also encourage you to dig out that treasure and read through it again.

Perhaps there is wisdom there waiting for you now. Perhaps God will use it again in this new season of life to reconnect your heart to his in some way. Perhaps you too will discover the welcome familiarity of treasure rediscovered.

Or maybe this meditation spoke in some way to your heart. Pray its words, meditate on its truths, and embrace the joy, hope, and solace that it offers. Maybe it will offer welcome familiarity to you somewhere down the road of life.

*I haven’t been able to find much about the life of Anna J. Lindgren. I did manage, however, to find this full meditation (My Watch) in a free download of her book. If you’re interested in reading more, you can find the book here.

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