Peace in the Midst of Chaos

This devotional thought is part of our weekly email and FB reflections through the book of Psalms. This week’s Psalm fits perfectly with the current state of our world, so I decided to publish it here as well. Find out how you can receive these weekly reflections at the end of this article. 1 Psalm […]

Doubting God’s Good Heart

I love it when God illuminates Scripture in unmistakable ways. Truth becomes crystal clear and deeply meaningful. This happened to me last night while I was out for a walk to clear my head and quiet my heart. I had a productive day with only minor interruptions – which is both remarkable and rare. Unbeknownst […]

The Illusion of Control

On this Good Friday, I was listening to the crucifixion story. One verse stood out to me in a very different way than it ever has before. Our Current Crisis You see, over the last week, I’ve been thinking about the Coronavirus crisis and how life is so different at this point in time. Many […]

Weary Eyes Reveal A Confident Heart

Remember staying up late waiting for something you were anticipating? New Years. A season finale. Fireworks. A phone call. Meteorites. Christmas morning. Inevitably, your eyes grow weary. They become heavy, blink and long for rest. What keeps you pushing through? Confidence and expectation related to the expected event. This is the picture found in Psalm […]

The Welcome Familiarity of Treasure Rediscovered

rediscovering truth

Forgotten treasures are even more wonderful once rediscovered. Just ask my son! Rocks with unique colorings, favorite plants, special snacks, a well-worn book, pictures that evoke special memories. They all elicit sparkling eyes, a dancing smile, and gushing exclamations. I found these pictures on my phone. They’re of magnets on the refrigerator – memories that […]