My Word for 2021

This is my 5th year doing 1 Word for 1 Year. Each year the process of deciding on a word has been a bit different. If you want to read about how each word was chosen each year, you can find those posts here. This year my word came quickly and unexpectedly. It was early […]

My Word for 2020

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We’re only 10 days in to the New Year, and I’m already loving my word! Of course, I started thinking about it here and there back in October. It was late November or early December when I knew for sure “nourish” was it. So, I’ve been anticipating its influence for a few weeks now. If […]

Abundance Starts Small

Abundance is my One Word for One Year this year. God continues to use the natural world to teach me much about this word. Here are my key observations from the summer: #1 – Abundance is natural when the conditions are right. #2 – Abundance does not discriminate. #3 – Abundance is not under my […]

Abundance in Nature and in Life

Abundance is my One Word for One Year this year. As I wrote before, I didn’t choose this word for a particular reason. In fact, I had a different word picked out. But God quietly whispered this word to me in January, and I accepted. I’ve noticed abundance in ways I wouldn’t have without focusing […]