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1 Word | 1 Year Email Course

This 7-day email course will send you an email each day for seven days designed to help you move through the process of choosing a word for your year and getting started with it.

Daily topics:

    • Day 1 – Introduction to 1 Word for 1 Year and reflection questions

    • Day 2 – Benefits of 1 Word for 1 Year, reflection questions

    • Day 3 – Tips to help you pray, brainstorm, and choose your word

    • Day 4 – Ideas to help you understand and unpack your word

    • Day 5 – More ideas to help you understand and unpack your word

    • Day 6 – Suggested ways to incorporate reminders of your word into life (Includes instructions for getting a BONUS personalized printable for your word!*)
    • Day 7 – Encouragement as you interact with your word for the year

1 Word | 1 Year print ideas

*Get a digital file of your word to print or frame and help keep it front and center during the year!

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