Internalize Psalm 119 in 10 Minutes a Day

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2019 is finally here! Well, almost, anyway.

I’ve anticipated 2019’s arrival for two years now, which probably sounds a bit odd. Let me explain.

From the time I was a young girl, I have loved Psalm 119. It occupies the center of the biblical text and its sheer length makes it a novelty. Every section is 8 verses in length. (Which happens to be my favorite number, but not for that reason … I don’t think.)

I’ve always had this idea in the back of my head that it would be fun to memorize this chapter. My life verses are found in Psalm 119. I love its imagery of life with God and the effect of God’s Word on a life.

But the proposition always seemed daunting. Memorize the longest chapter in the Bible?! I’ve memorized a good bit of Scripture in my lifetime through AWANA, Bible Quiz and other pursuits. But this one seems different somehow.

In 2017 I was thinking of this again and an idea conceptualized – 2019 would be the year for Psalm 119 – 119 in 2019! I knew instantly it was going to happen.

Those two years have flown by, and here it is. Time to actually put feet to this idea that’s been growing inside of me for years, maybe even decades.

Internalize Psalm 119

But here’s the thing. I don’t want to just memorize Psalm 119 and be done with it, like it’s something to check off my bucket list. I want Psalm 119 to change my perspective, guide my steps and lead me further into intimacy with God.

I want to internalize this chapter and its deep truths.

There are ancient words here that God desires to use to instruct me and teach me in the way that I should go. He has words to lead and guide. Words to bolster my faith and reveal his very nature.

The prophet Jeremiah once described his interaction with God’s words as eating and feasting on them. (Jeremiah 15:16) That’s what I want to do with this chapter during this year. I want to sit with each verse, meditating on it.

Meditation Definition

Meditation is the process by which God uses his word to strengthen and uphold. He uses it to quiet the noise and other voices in my head and heart. His word is what pieces me back together and restores my soul. (Read other posts on biblical meditation.)

Do you need that in your life as much as I need it in mine right now?

This is why I’m excited to do this in 2019. Maybe it will become a new rhythm to my year – 1 Scripture Passage for 1 Year. I’ll let you know this time next year!

10 Minutes a Day

Until then, are you looking for a way to interact deeply and slowly with God’s Word? Why not join me in Psalm 119 this year?

I plan to send a biweekly devotional for each 8-verse section. I trust this will help you hone in on a specific truth and internalize it. I’m also putting the finishing touches on some reading plans that will help you move through the chapter in 2019.

  • A daily plan to move through the chapter verse by verse over the course of a year.
  • A daily plan to move through the chapter verse by verse over the course of 6 months.
  • A weekly plan to move through the chapter section by section over the course of 6 months.
  • Reflection questions to help you internalize the truths.

These are now available as a Free Download! Check them out!

Psalm 119_1-8 Flower DesignPsalm 119_1-8 Grid Design


I’ve also created several sets of  prints for Psalm 119 (In KJV, ESV and The Message paraphrase). They are 5×7 printouts of each 8-verse section and are deliverable as a PDF file. Check them out!


One of the benefits to meditating on Scripture is that you often end up memorizing it along the way. Even if you don’t have a goal to memorize Psalm 119, what if you steep yourself in these great truths over the course of this year?

All it requires is consistency. 10 minutes a day. Or 20 minutes a week.

Your life won’t be the same as it is today by the time you end 2019.

That’s God’s promise.

Not just mine.

Get Started

Choose a version of the Bible to use during the year.

I love to use to read various versions. There are several audio versions on there too. Download the app and listen! (It only takes 15-16 minutes.)

Let me know in the comments below or by email if you plan to do this in 2019! I’d love to journey with you!


For those wondering, I still plan to do One Word for One Year this year. God’s not quite done using the word grace in my life. And so, I plan to continue learning and mulling over truths about grace. I’m sure you’ll read something about it during the year!



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  1. WOW what a great idea! I appreciate it’s not Psalm 119 in a month but in a YEAR. Taking a whole year to meditate on this longest Psalm sounds wonderful.
    So I plan to join you on your 119 in 2019!

    Love your definition of Meditation. 😀

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