What to do When You Fear the Unknown (like I did this week)

fear of unknown header

Innocence. Trust. Living in the moment. Exuberance. Impulsivity. Exploration. Settledness. These are characteristics exhibited by my four-year-old this week as he played outside and accompanied me on errands this week. Awareness. Fear. Reclusiveness. Being on guard. Reservation. Measuredness. Hesitation. These were my feelings and emotions in the midst of those same activities. There were perfectly […]

Practice Biblical Meditation & Calm the Chaos in Your Soul

Biblical Meditation - Part 2

Look Back to Part 1 Your mind never stops working. Talk about exhausting! But you need something more than just a mental diversion to quiet its noise. You need to think long and deeply about the truths of Scripture in the context of what is actually happening in your life. When you practice biblical meditation […]

Practice Biblical Meditation & Quiet the Noise in Your Mind

Biblical Meditation - Part 1

Take 1 minute and write down everything that’s filled your mind today. No, really, do it! To-do list items, random passing thoughts, decisions that have to be made, obstacles to overcome, relationships that need work, heartaches weighing you down, anything at all that you thought about. (Just make sure you set a timer or you […]