Peace in the Midst of Chaos

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1 Psalm | 1 Week

1 Psalm | 1 Week – Psalm 29

In the midst of a chaotic and unfamiliar world, it’s easy to let our minds (and by association our hearts) fill with cares, concerns, worries, fears, questions, and even anger at times. How do we displace these emotions? How do we rest in Jesus and receive peace?

Psalm 29 gives us a glimpse of this process in David’s life. It opens by telling us to, “Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name” (v 2). And ends by reminding us that, “the Lord sits enthroned as king forever” (v 10).

These simple statements reveal the truth that is foundational to peace in the midst of chaos – God is in full control even when life and the world seem haphazard.

The problem is, we can know these truths and still not experience peace. We can even “ascribe” (or attribute) glory, power, and strength to God without finding him to be an actual refuge from the storm raging around us.

What makes the difference? The process.

You see, I don’t think David’s heart and mind started with a simple declaration of truth. I think that is where it ended. I think David started by rehearsing the ways in which he could see God’s power, strength, and eternal rule. This is what comprises the majority of this Psalm – verses 3-9.

David considers how powerful and majestic the voice of God is – it directs the waters, breaks the cedars, causes the mountains to seem like frolicking young animals, flashes like flames of fire, shakes the wilderness, enables the deer to give birth, and strips the forest bare.

See how big these descriptors are? See how they showcase God’s glory and dominion and power? See how they bring about the correct perspective of whatever problems and concerns are working their way into our minds and hearts?

No wonder David’s next exclamation after all of this is, “We fall to our knees—we call out, ‘Glory!’” (v 9 MSG). This is the response of a heart that is filled to overflowing with the greatness and glory of God.

We fall to our knees—we call out, "Glory!"

I think this is the place from which David opens this Psalm with the charge to ascribe glory to God. I think he has spent time considering God’s greatness and power manifest in nature around him and, as a result, is in awe. He can’t help but worship and ascribe glory to God.

This is the process. Rehearsing truth is what leads to worship and praise. Contemplating God’s greatness is what gives us proper perspective. Considering God’s power is what causes us to ascribe glory to him.

Why not give it a try? Articulate the ways you see God’s majesty, power, and strength around you. How would you finish these statements?

  • The voice of the Lord is over…
  • The voice of the Lord is in control of …
  • The voice of the Lord breaks …
  • The voice of the Lord makes …………… happen

Speak your observations or write them down. Dwell on them. Do this until your heart readily ascribes to the Lord the strength and glory due his name. Until you too, readily proclaim God as enthroned as king forever.

Alternatively, listen to the truths of Psalm 29 set to music and fix your mind on God’s greatness in this way.

As you rehearse truths about God, watch as peace displaces your current fears, worries, questions, cares, concerns, and anger. God desires this gift of peace to be yours in abundance, even in times of great chaos.



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