God: A Secure Refuge in Troubling Times

This devotional thought is part of our weekly email and FB reflections through the book of Psalms. In God’s providence, this week’s Psalm fits perfectly with the events going on around the world, and so I decided to publish it here as well. Find out how you can receive these weekly reflections at the end of this article.

1 Psalm | 1 Week

1 Psalm | 1 Week – Psalm 11

Have you ever been at risk? Been encouraged to hide away? To make your personal safety your top priority?

Haven’t we all? Literally in the last few days? Headlines, news reports, emergency orders – all updated daily, at times even hour by hour.

This advice to flee, to look out for himself, was given to David by his friends centuries ago. David’s life was in danger. His friends were fearful. They felt the need to protect David, to secure his kingship, even his very life. They gave advice rooted in fear.

David, however, was secure in his belief that God was at work securing him and his future. As he recounts the story here in Psalm 11 he asks his friends, How can you say to my soul, Flee like a bird to your mountain?” (v 1b)

What David questions here is not the practicality or wisdom of his friends’ advice, but the ideas and beliefs that are motivating it.

David doesn’t need to retreat to the mountains for refuge from danger. His refuge is found in God alone. God alone protects. God alone hides. God can do this wherever his physical body may be. The mountains offer no additional protection to him.

The same is true for us. Our refuge is God alone. Yes, it might be wise to practice social-distancing over the course of the next few weeks. Yes, we can submit to orders or requests by those in leadership. Yet, don’t buy into the lie that your salvation and protection lie in those things. Don’t flee to your home for your safety. Run, instead, to God.

We would do well to memorize and say the first six words of this Psalm repeatedly over the coming weeks, In the Lord I take refuge.

Psalm 11:1 ESV "In the Lord I take refuge."

David also recounts to his friends God’s role as King (v 4). God is still in his holy temple and seated on his throne. He eyes are still attentive to both the world and us as his children. He is not surprised. He is not unable to help. He is actively, right now, moving and acting and guiding. He is King over every leader of every nation. And this truth should bring us hope and confidence.

What have you been tempted to trust in this week for your own safety and security? How have you felt the weight and pressure of caring for yourself or others close to you? Tell God you want your trust and refuge to be in him alone.

I’d encourage you to put the first six words of this Psalm somewhere you can see and pray them regularly.



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