Your Sabbath Questions Answered

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I’ve enjoyed hearing from many of you with your Sabbath related questions! Your questions are the same ones I’ve wrestled through along my Sabbath journey. So, as we wind up this summer sabbath series, I want to take a few minutes to offer some insight to help you take the next step in your journey. […]

A Few of My Favorite Sabbath Resources


My understanding of Sabbath has grown for over a decade. It’s a topic that rouses my insatiable thirst for more. Others’ perspectives are varied and nuanced and help build my ever-enlarging framework for what Sabbath can be. Books, podcasts, articles, blog posts, lectures, personal conversations – God has used them all to lead me into […]

3 Reasons God Ordained Sabbath

Quote by H H Farmer and C S Lewis

Practicing Sabbath is hard. There’s no getting around it. It’s hard to slow down. Hard to rest. I listened to a podcast this week where the speaker compared the process of beginning to Sabbath to letting go of an addiction. How accurate! I remember the first few months of practicing Sabbath. I yearned to “do”. […]

Surprised by Sabbath

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I was in my late 20s when I was first introduced to the idea of Sabbath as a day of rest, a day set apart and different from the other six days of the week. This season of life found me busy. Too busy. I was working long hours in full-time ministry, leading a major […]

Want to Slow Down and Be Present? Try Sabbath


There’s something unique about the season of summer. Longer days and warmer temperatures invite us to do things we don’t do during the other months of the year. For some, that means being busier than normal, filling days with activities that can only happen during this short season. For others, summer days are more relaxed, […]