Enjoying Advent! Week 2 – Peace

(This post is part 2 of our Enjoying Advent! series. Here’s part 1 on Hope, if you missed it.) I pray that reflecting on hope during week 1 filled your heart with the anticipation of the time when every wrong will be made right and all God’s promises will come true! This week, we turn our […]

Enjoying Advent! Week 1 – Hope

Advent, by definition, is a coming into place, or an arrival. Knowing something is on its way creates excitement, longing, expectation, and joy. This was true for the people of Israel as they waited for the arrival of the Messiah. But even though they watched and waited, longed and anticipated, many missed the event when […]

Christmas Longing: Made for Something More

Christmas Longing Header

Christmas! The season brings to mind words like celebration, joy and delight. And yet, celebrations can fall flat, joys can be short-lived and delight can be overshadowed. Nostalgia floods us with wonderful memories. It can also leave us longing for the way things used to be. We miss family, home, traditions. We feel deeply the […]

Emmanuel, God with Us

It seems everywhere I turn this Christmas season I am bumping into this name – songs, Scripture, sermons, posts. I’ve learned that when something comes up repeatedly, it’s usually because God has something to speak into my heart. So, I’ve sat with this word. This name. This essence of Christmas. And my heart has been […]