Enjoying Advent! Week 4 – Love

(This post is part 4 of our Enjoying Advent! series. Here’s part 1 on Hopepart 2 on Peace, and Part 3 on Joy if you missed them.)

I pray that reflecting on the hope, peace, and joy of Christ’s Advent has made this Christmas season more meaningful to you.

This week, we turn our hearts towards the love displayed through Advent. I trust these simple activities will help you engage your heart with God and enter into his love this season.

Investigate Love

Read the Christmas story in Luke 2:1-40. Consider how each of the main characters experienced or demonstrated love








People in Jerusalem

Listen to Love

Christmas is a wonderful time to use music to focus our hearts and minds on the celebration of Christ’s birth.

These songs, specifically, focus on the love of Christmas – God’s benevolence, affection towards mankind, and disregard for the sacrifices it cost him.

May these songs enable you to see God’s love for the world and be assured of it in your daily life.

If you only have time for one song, make it this one! Want more? Here’s the full playlist.

Respond in Love

Set a timer for 10 minutes. During that time meditate on God’s love. Use scripture and song; call to mind times you’ve experienced God’s love. (Suggested Scriptures: Deuteronomy 7:9, Zephaniah 3:17, Romans 8:37-39, I Corinthians 13:13,  I John 3:1, I John 4:18-19)

As your heart fills with love for God, how do you want to respond? (rejoice, bow down, exalt, worship, create, delight in, etc.) Respond in love to God in a way that seems fitting.

I trust these simple ideas help you reflect on and enter into the love of Christmas.

Want more ideas? Download the FREE Enjoying Advent! guide to find printables, reflective ideas, and more Scripture and songs to enhance your reflection on hope, peace, joy, and love. (It also has ideas for helping children enjoy Advent too! Read more about it here.)

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