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Thank you for your interest in supporting our family!

We began serving in ministry when we were single and have continued in ministry during the 10+ years we have been married. We travelled to many countries over the years, but now find ourselves reaching out to the world through online ventures and digital products.

Gifts to Truthsum Words LLC will enable us to 

  • Create encouraging blog content and devotional material that helps others pursue intimacy with Jesus
  •  Develop practical resources to guide others in how to grow in intimacy with Jesus
  • Partner with other ministries and help them develop literature, courses, and other resources at a minimal cost to them
  • Provide these resources for FREE to anyone who would benefit from them

Our family serves together in full-time ministry, supported by the gifts of individuals. My husband is a missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship, and I homeschool our son, create the content you find here, and collaborate with other organizations to develop needed resources.

You can give via a PayPal account or major credit card. 

Funds will be directly deposited into our PayPal ministry account.

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