God is My Father! Description

God is My Father! front cover

(Available for purchase Sept 7, 2018)

God longs for people to experience unconditional acceptance and constant love. He is a loving Father who made each child and admires each one individually and uniquely. A father’s love is intended to provide security, protection, welcome, and direction for his children. And God planned from the beginning to be this kind of Father.

Children without good fathers have, at best, a void of understanding as to what it means to be a good father. At worst, their associations with a father include anger, fear, shame, severity, distance or apathy. These children can feel the special significance of being adopted into God’s family. They can replace faulty perceptions of what a father is with the truth of who God their Father promises to be. 

Children who have good earthly fathers can learn how to relate to God in many of the same ways they already relate to their earthly father. This will help them understand God better and grow closer to Him.

The daily and weekly activities in this devotional are designed to help children understand how a good father relates to a child, and in turn, how God desires to relate to them.

God is My Father! helps children better relate to God as a Father as they:

  • Understand the significance of being adopted into God’s family
  • Go to God the Father for help, comfort, direction, and forgiveness
  • Imagine God the Father’s delight in them
  • Reflect on Jesus’ relationship to the Father
  • Find their identity rooted in this relationship of Father and child

This 4-week devotional includes daily activities to engage the child in the content and a final activity to help the child engage personally with God.

Bonus Leader’s Guide also available! This guide prepares you for a 10-15-minute weekly conversation with the child. The emphasis is to provide support and encouragement as the child pursues a personal relationship with God. Each weekly guide includes prompts for:

  • Understanding the Content
  • Asking a Question
  • Telling a Personal Story
  • Praying Over the Child