1 Word | 1 Year

I have a love/hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. Do you? There is value to goals and resolutions but they can easily become taskmasters or lead to self-reliance.

2017 was my first year to choose a word to focus on during the year. One Word for One Year.

It was freeing. And yet challenging. It shaped my heart, my life, my home. It served as an underlying rhythm to my year. I didn’t think about it every day. Yet it was a constant companion, a lens through which I viewed life and made choices (even at times unconsciously).

I loved it and now it’s a regular rhythm of my year! Want to give it a try? I would HIGHLY recommend it!


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This 7-day, FREE email course will walk you through the basics of choosing a word for the year and getting started with it. An email will be sent each day with some basic helps, considerations, and reflection questions. Plus there are some bonus gifts!

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Posts to Get You Started

If you’d rather work through the process on your own, these posts will give you practical tips to get started, and an overview of the benefits.

Why I Chose 1 Word for 1 Year in 2017

Say No to New Year’s Resolutions & Yes to One Word for One Year

Free Downloadable Brainstorming Sheet

This is a one-page sheet designed to help you interact with your 1 Word for 1 Year. Find questions to help you decide on a word, prompts to guide how you interact with the word, and blank space to record you insights during the year. (Two color choices available in the download.)

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Here you’ll find every post I’ve written on the subject including posts with meaningful takeaways from my various words each year. You’ll find ideas for new ways to interact with words, surprising discoveries, and reminders that this process is less about you and more about God accomplishing what he desires!

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