Rhythms, Intimacy & Enjoying Life

These words used in relationship to the Christian life may be new to you. Let’s unpack them a bit.


The dictionary definition is “a patterned recurrence that occurs at regular intervals”. I like to think of rhythms in this way: Rhythms of life are simply, predictable and recurring times and ways for you to seek God.

Rhythms are designed to lead you into intimacy with God. They are the means by which you draw close to God, pour out your heart to Him and listen to His voice.

Rhythms are fluid. Rhythms are not rigid. Rhythms can change over time. Rhythms don’t drive you to God but draw you into fellowship with Him.

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Intimacy with God is what we were made for. It’s what our souls crave. But it’s not the natural inclination of our hearts.

Intimacy denotes relationship, not rules. Intimacy invites a close, warm, familiar fellowship and not a cold, impersonal task to be accomplished. Intimacy involves extended time and drawing close. It can’t take place in quick, distracted bursts of time.

This is what God prioritizes. This is why He created you. This is what He longs for. This is where rhythms can lead you.

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Enjoying Life

This isn’t a promise that everything in your life will one day be perfect and good if you only draw near to God. That’s not biblical. Nor does it match up to the reality of life.

But it is possible even in the midst of bleak and trying days to experience joy and delight. It comes when we shift our focus away from our circumstances and onto our God. It comes as He renews our mind and changes our perspective on what is good and desirable.

You can live in this place of enjoying life day in and day out. Intimacy with God will lead you into it.