Discovering Rhythms

“Momma, let’s go discover!” my 3-year-old exclaims multiple times a week … ok, a day. And so off we go discovering insects and new paths through fields and whatever else currently has his fancy. I love when he discovers things that I am already aware of but he is not. My anticipation and excitement are intensified as I wait for him to discover the treasure.

I imagine God’s anticipation and excitement to be like this as He watches us discover new ways of interacting with Him and enjoying life with Him. Ways that we can integrate into our regular, daily lives. He knows the delight we will experience and is ready to enjoy us in the discovery.

As we discover these rhythms of life, we can experience a growing intimacy with God.

What are Rhythms of Life?

The first idea that probably comes to mind when you think of rhythm is music. All music has some type of rhythm or tempo. Sometimes just hearing the first few beats of a song can tell you what style of music it is. Rhythms can evoke emotional responses making you lively and joyful or sullen and morose.

Nature is also filled with rhythms. Think of the ebb and flow of the ocean tide or the inevitable daily rhythm of the sunrise and sunset. The seasons of the year are a more elongated example of rhythm in nature. No matter their length of hours or months, each of these rhythms recurs with regularity. They can be anticipated, marked and entered into.

And so it is with rhythms of life.

  • Rhythms can help establish the tempo of your life. Does your life need to slow down? Rhythms can help.
  • Rhythms can be set to recur with regularity. Is your interaction with God hit or miss? Rhythms can help.
  • Rhythms can also be anticipated, marked and entered into. Do you enjoy your time with God? Rhythms can help.

Rhythms of life are simply predictable and recurring times and ways for you to seek God.

They provide the framework for walking through life. They become patterns of behaviors that occur regularly as in nature. You can discover daily rhythms, weekly rhythms, monthly rhythms and annual rhythms.

Why are Rhythms Important?

Rhythms of life can create space for what is most important – intimacy with God.

It’s easy to say that time with God is at the top of our priorities. But often our schedules tell us otherwise. Discovering a rhythm that works for you and your life, allows you to define what is really important and then make it a reality.

Rhythms of life can prepare our hearts for the ebb and flow of the realities of life.

Life isn’t always predictable. Life isn’t always what we want it to be. But God is always with us in whatever place we actually find ourselves. And He is always ready to be our friend, counselor, and advocate. Having rhythms will bring calm, familiarity and expectation to you and so provide an anchor for your mind, soul, body, and emotions.

Rhythms of life can be a balm to our weary souls.

So much of life is filled with expectations and demands. We strive to achieve, excel, be known and accepted. And yet God’s desire for us is the antithesis of these things. He longs for time to spend in relationship with us, enjoying fellowship, speaking words of life and hope, offering full acceptance regardless of our actions. Practicing rhythms causes you to experience God’s heart in a personal way and re-enter your world with the reassurance that God is looking out for you.

Which Rhythms are Right for Me?

Think again about rhythms in nature. Every night the sun sets and every morning it comes back up. But even in that regularity, there is variety. Summer sunrises are at different times than winter sunrises. Sometimes the sky is painted in brilliant colors and other times it is shadowed by clouds.

There is variety in rhythms of life – variety between individuals and also variety in the seasons of life.

I remember well coming to understand this in my own life. I had certain rhythms when I was single – rhythms that I loved and looked forward to. When I got married there was a part of me that felt these rhythms were suddenly sabotaged as I now had someone else to consider in the overall shape of my life and my time. And then when there was a baby? Whew! Did my rhythms ever change then!

And yet at every new season of life, there was a new rhythm to discover and enter into. A new aspect of engaging my heart with God. It took me a while to understand that intimacy was the goal. The rhythms were just the means to get me there. They could change as needed along the way.

What’s right for you depends on where you are in life, the amount of time you have, and the needs of your heart.

Rhythms could include but are not limited to:

  • Studying Scripture
  • Talking to God in prayer
  • Being still and listening for God’s voice
  • Meditating on God’s attributes and person
  • Disengaging from others in order to hear God
  • Engaging with others in community

Everyone needs to discover rhythms

Everyone especially needs rhythms that cause the heart to engage with God. Where are you right now? Can you identify regularly occurring rhythms in your day, week, month or year?

God is ready for you to discover new ways of interacting with Him and enjoying life with Him! Ways that you can integrate into your regular, daily life. Ways that will prepare your heart for life and are a balm for your soul.

Pray these verses back to God asking Him to lead you into rhythms that will bring about greater intimacy with Him. Then listen for what He says!

Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Proverbs 3:5-6 (MSG)

Join the journey and discover the rhythms God has for you in this season of life!

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  1. Thank you Carol for sharing with us this concept of finding/discovering rhythms in life! The word ‘rhythm’ embraces differences and changes in life, and is almost anti- or non- perfectionistic. I know I tend to prioritize schedule and accomplishing tasks over relationships. “Finding a rhythm” per day/week/month/season of life in our relationship with God feels so much more organic, personalized, and inviting than “setting up a quiet time schedule” or “discipline.”

    Beautiful website! So excited to see how the Lord is going to use your blog!

    1. truthsumwords says: Reply

      Yes, yes and yes to everything you said! My tendencies are the same yet grace moves us away from those things and towards the person of Christ. Praying He continues this work in our hearts. Thanks, friend!

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