Children’s Devotionals FAQ

God is My Friend! Cover; Digital Leader's Guide also available! Cover Image for children's devotional God is My Shepherd! God is My Father! front cover God is My King! front cover God is My Creator! Front Cover God is My Savior! Front Cover

Where can I use these devotionals?

Anywhere you have the opportunity to disciple children!

  • Home
  • Sunday School
  • Mid-Week classes
  • Small Group
  • New Believers

They also make great gifts for children or parents/teachers.

Can I see a sample of the daily devotionals and weekly activities?

Yes! Here is a sample of each from God is My Friend!

Sample Devotional and Activity Pages from God is My Friend!

What reading level are the devotionals?

These devotionals are written at a 3rd-grade reading level. (A few individual devotionals score at a 4th-grade reading level.) It is recommended for children ages 7-11 but could be used by younger children with adult help.

Does the devotional have ideas to teach these topics to children?

Check out the companion Activity Guide . (Only available for God is My Creator! right now.) The Activity Guide follows the same Themes as each week and teaches the same topics with various hands-on, interactive, play-based activities. With 70+ activities, you can fill several weeks or even months with teaching related to these ideas!

Can I see a sample of the Leader’s Guide?

Yes! You can view the intro material and first week’s content for God is My Shepherd!

God is My Shepherd! Leader’s Guide Sample Week

How can I get the Leader’s Guide?

The Leader’s Guide is a digital file available for download after the purchase of a digital or printed book. The first inside page of the book has instructions for downloading the Leader’s Guide.

What is a digital license?

A digital license gives permission to download and print the digital version of the devotional. Each license can only be printed for one child and the adult(s) working with him or her. You will need a license for each child that uses the book. (ie – If you have 10 children in your class, you should purchase 10 licenses.)

What if I need a large quantity? 

You can purchase either an Individual User license or a Multi-User License.

An Individual License enables one person to print as many copies as needed for their own children and any children in a classroom they personally teach.

The Multi-User License is designed for purchase by a church or other ministry. It enables printing of copies for children in multiples classrooms taught by multiples teachers.

How can I get a printed copy?

Printed books are available at There is no quantity discount available through Amazon.

God is My Friend!                                 God is My King!

God is My Shepherd!                           God is My Creator!

God is My Father!                                 God is My Savior!

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