Retreat Resources

Where do you turn when you have a need or longing that needs met? Friends? Hobbies? Productivity? Food? Social Media? We all have things we turn to – consciously or unconsciously, but nothing is designed to satisfy the deep need of our soul.

Jesus invites us to turn to him instead. In him alone will we find what we truly long for. Turning to him is what we were created to do. Only as we turn to him over and over again, even in the “inconsequential” moments of life, can we enter into and enjoy the abundant life he longs to give.

These are the truths I shared in our ladies’ retreat this year. Below you’ll find the audio of those sessions, notes to help you follow along, reflection questions for each session, verse bookmarks, and a link to a song we sang before Session 3 that encapsulates the heart of the weekend.

I pray this is a blessing to you and leads you to turn to God, over and over again!

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3



front cover for notes image of bookmarks to print