Ways to Enjoy God This Fall

Fall evokes so many word associations. Crisp mornings. Pumpkin everything. Apples. Fires. Vibrant leaves. Warmth. Coziness.

Fall is a favorite time of year for many. It’s not, however, my favorite – mostly because it means winter is looming with bitter winds, icy roads and short days. I’m learning, though, to notice and embrace the beauty of what is fall without allowing winter to encroach on the enjoyment.

The Essence of Fall

What is it about fall that sets it apart and makes it inherently meaningful?

Harvest – Fall is a time to enjoy the fruit of labor. Crops are harvested. Nuts, fruits and gourds are abundant.

Thanksgiving – Fall often focuses on thankfulness. (Some of us even have a holiday set aside to do just this!) Gratitude for food, abundance, blessings, faithfulness.

Preparation – The growth of summer is winding down. Now begins the time to prepare the wood pile for winter and the garden beds for spring.

Change – Temperatures grow cooler. Days grow shorter. Trees drop their leaves. Bugs disappear. (whoohoo!)

Vibrancy – Entire economies are fueled by travel to see the magnificent fall leaves. The intensity of the sun changes, as does its brilliance. Light reflects in a different hue and steals our breath.

Transition – Fall is an in between time. A move from the long, busy days of summer to the short, restful, slower days of winter. A slow shift from abundance to dormancy.

Embracing the Essence

It would be ridiculous to keep a summer wardrobe out into fall or persist with favorite summer activities into this new and very different season.

It would be just as ridiculous to miss the beauty of this fall season due to dread of what is to come. (Speaking loudly to myself here!)

Both actions would take away from the sacredness, beauty, and essence of this particular season.

God has ordained the seasons. Each has a role to play. Each season enables and fuels the next one. Seasons bring continuity, rhythms and pictures of God at work in differing and unique ways.

What if we engaged with God during this season in a way that mirrored what was happening in the world around us? What if we looked for ways to not only enjoy the distinctive physical pleasures of fall, but also found spiritual practices that enable our soul to embrace and enjoy the essence of this particular season?

I think it might help us live into the beauty of what is fall. Help us view what God has done and is doing from a unique vantage point. And give us ways to relate to God and enjoy Him that beautifully parallel what is happening around us.

Practical Ideas

So, while you’re enjoying the vibrant colors of fall, sipping your pumpkin latte, and wearing your favorite scarf, why don’t you also set aside time to help your soul embrace the beauty and essence of what it is to be fall.

people outside enjoying walks during fall

Choose an essence of fall (harvest, thanksgiving, preparation, change, vibrancy, transition) and use it to guide you to a way of enjoying time with God that aligns with the season.

Want a list of practical ideas to choose from? Perfect! I created a FREE downloadable printable for you! In it you’ll find six simple ideas you can use to enjoy God that correspond to this season of fall.

six way to enjoy God printable


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