My Word for 2018

1 word for 1 year 2018

Grace is a word I’ve heard a lot. I grew up in the church. Memorized verses in AWANA that talked about grace. Have used it in conversations. But this year I’m beginning to think that my understanding of the word is a somewhat superficial understanding. I’m not sure that I really know how to live out its implications in daily life.

I’ve always struggled with grace. Not grace for salvation, but grace for life. My perfectionistic, driven nature probably has something to do with that. I somehow fall into the trap over and over of believing that the way God sees me at any given time is based on what my current relationship with Him looks like. And then this is mirrored in my relationships with others around me. But that’s not grace.

I’ve had the passing thought a few times over the years that I don’t really understand the deep richness of grace. But I’ve never been as repeatedly confronted with this idea as I have been recently. The apex of it all came this fall when I read Grace Walk by Steve McVey. After every chapter, I thought, “I need to sit with this for a while.” I didn’t take the time to sit with it then as there were other things I was working through, but at the end of the book when I realized there were 12 chapters, one for every month of the year, I knew what my word for 2018 was! And I knew it was time to dive deeply into this rich and robust word.

So, I’m wrapping up delight this week and looking forward to grace in the new year. I’m not sure where exactly it will take me, but I have a few questions that are on my heart as I begin. There are three areas, again, that naturally align with what I think God wants to do in my heart.

  1. God’s grace to me – How is God’s grace demonstrated to me? What are the implications of God’s grace in my life? (Not just what actions does it call me to, but how will I think and view life if I am convinced of and experiencing God’s grace?)
  2. Grace in marriage – What does grace in marriage look like? Am I a grace-full wife?
  3. Grace in parenting – What does grace in parenting look like? Am I a grace-full mom?

As I was prepping links and such for this post today, I realized that there’s a study guide for Grace Walk. So, I ordered that today and will use it to guide my thoughts and study each month. There are a TON of books about grace, so I’ve started my list of ones I could read. And there is Scripture aplenty for this word too! I think there will be more than enough resources to glean from but would love to have a broad scope of choices. If you would recommend something related to grace, let me know! We’ll see which ones God directs me to.

I also think I’ll write a post at the end of each month with my biggest practical takeaway about grace. Writing always helps me process what I learn. And it will leave me a record to remember what God did. I believe it will be a blessing to you too.

What about you?

Does the idea of One Word for One Year resonate with you? Do you know a word to focus on or do you need to ask God for one?

I’d love to know if you’re doing this during 2018 and what your word is. Comment below or email me directly! Then grab a copy of the template I made to help you keep all your ideas in one place. It can be found in the FREE Resource Library.

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Blessings to you as you get started on a new adventure for 2018!

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