Marvelously Made by God, the Creator

God is the Creator – not just of the physical world around us but of each individual, unique person. It’s no secret that there’s an assault on the sacredness of life today, and no stage of life is exempt.

Unborn babies have few, if any, rights. Children, at younger and younger ages, are dissatisfied with their bodies and the way they were made. Individuals who would rather not suffer, can easily find those to help them end their life, and it’s glorified as compassionate. Seniors who can no longer contribute as they used to are deemed a burden.

Children today need to know they were made in the image of God. They reflect him! They need to know God imagined their unique selves and then made them with his hands. Understanding that God watched and cared for them as they grew in their mom’s bellies helps them believe they are unique and wonderfully made!

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It’s so important for children to understand they were thought about, created with love, and have value because God puts value on their life. These important truths can help children combat the false messages about life.

God is My Creator! Children’s Devotional

God is My Creator Cover

This is the goal of the 2nd week of devotionals in God is My Creator! The entire week is developed around Psalm 139:13-16. As children are taught these truths, they are also led to think about and imagine God’s delight in them. They have the opportunity to

  • Thank God for making them with his hands.
  • Write down one unique way God mad them
  • Imagine God smiling on the day they were born
  • Share with God something that makes them sad or afraid
  • Respond with the Psalmist, “Body and soul, I am marvelously made!”
  • Imagine the stages of their future and tell God they want to follow him their whole life long
  • Complete a “Uniquely Me” page and praise God for how he made them

You can download a full day’s devotional from this week as a sample.

This devotional helps children imagine what they were like as God watched them grow in their mom’s belly.

Children can color, cut out and glue pictures of food that they were the size of – from a blueberry all the way to a full-grown watermelon! They’ll also learn one important way they developed at each stage along the way.

The day’s devotion ends by helping children imagine God’s excitement when they were born. He was there to welcome them into the world!

Feel free to print this sample devotional and use it in whatever way you’d like. The text is written at a 3rd grade reading level. It is ideal for children ages 7-11 to do independently. It would also be conducive to do together as a family, or alongside younger children. My 4-year old enjoyed it immensely!

Child doing devotinal

The full devotional will be released this week on March 20, the first day of spring, and will be on sale for the month of March!

Stay tuned for two more posts this week outlining the last two weeks of content and providing more ready to use ideas to help children know and love their Creator, God, better!

Want more resources to help teach about God as Creator? Check out Helping Children Wonder at God, the Creator for another FREE download!

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