Children’s Devotional – God is My Shepherd!

God is My Shepherd Devotional Book

This 4-week devotional allows children to experience the benefits of God’s personal and tender care of them. Each day’s devotional includes activities to engage the child in the content and a final activity to help the child engage personally with God. Daily topics include:

  • What is a shepherd like?
  • What are sheep like?
  • David, A Man After God’s Heart
  • My Shepherd Enjoys Being With Me
  • My Shepherd Gives Me What’s Best
  • My Shepherd is My Guide
  • My Shepherd Protects Me
  • My Shepherd is Patient
  • My Shepherd Gives Abundant Life
  • My Shepherd Never Changes
  • My Shepherd Always Speaks Truth
  • My Good Shepherd is Always on My Side

God is My Shepherd! helps children see that God longs to care for them personally. Children will learn to follow their good shepherd as they are assured of His constant presence and learn to see Him as their protector, provider, and guide.

Reading Level: 3rd Grade

Suggested Age Group: 7-11 years old (or younger with adult help)

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Sample Activity

Week Review: You can fill your mind with truths about your good shepherd. Your heart can trust your good shepherd. Then rest and peace will come out of your life.

For this activity, you will need

  • A cup
  • Water
  • Small, solid objects (rocks, marbles, ice, etc.)

rocks, cup of water, glass beads

Imagine that the cup is your life and that the water is peace and rest. Imagine that the small objects are truths about God.

Fill the cup with water. (You will make a bit of a mess with this activity! Do this somewhere it’s ok for water to spill out.) Drop one object into the cup of water. Did water splash out?

This is a picture of what happens when truths about God go into your mind and heart. Rest and peace come out of your life.

Drop more objects into the water one at a time. As you do it, say a truth that you want to fill your mind. Or tell God something you trust him to do. You can use these ideas or come up with your own ideas of what to say.

“God, you ________________________”

  • are always with me
  • are good
  • give me what’s best
  • know what I need
  • enjoy me
  • are a good shepherd

“God, I trust you to  ________________________”

  • take care of me
  • give me what is best
  • bring good friends into my life
  • change my heart
  • hold me close and love me
  • give me what my soul needs

Drop in objects until your cup is full of objects or until you run out. Ask God to use these truths to change your mind and heart!